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Crowns: To join or not to join

I often see patients with red, inflamed gums surrounding crowns which are not well-fitting or were placed too deeply in to the gum.

Even more common and problematic is when there are a few consecutive crowns joined together, exasperating the gum situation due to the difficulty of cleaning between the crowns. Unfortunately this often results in decay under one or several of the crowns.

As the crowns are joined, if one of the crowns develops decay underneath it is usually impossible to just replace that crown alone. Often all the crowns or a section of crowns will need to be replaced, making the process more complex and costly.

It is always preferable to have single, well-fitting crowns rather than joined crowns. If there is no choice but to join the crowns (in very rare cases), space has to be built in between the crowns to allow for cleaning with a small brush or similar tool.

This is an example of someone who came in recently complaining of loose crowns. Unfortunately, the patient was not instructed how to clean properly between her crowns (which was very difficult in any case), and three years later I had to redo her crowns as they had all developed decay underneath.

Be sure to get your crowns properly installed, with clear instructions on keeping them clean! For more information, contact Dr. Garalnick.

Dr. Gil Garalnick has been serving the community for 12 years. He offers general, cosmetic and implant dentistry. Dr. Garalnick’s uncompromising professionalism and pleasant manner makes him one of the most sought after dentists in the area.

To book an appointment or for a free implant consultation call: 02-992-4267 or visit .

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