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Proper Practice for Brushing Teeth

Is It Really Necessary To Brush Our Teeth?

For the vast majority of the population the answer is – Absolutely

Although we live in a hi-tech world, when it comes to our diet our teeth are under a lot of stress

Most of the food we eat is processed and has a large amount of carbohydrates and sugars; many

people also eat too many times a day (too frequently). As a result, many peoples teeth are

prone to decay; this is especially true if your teeth are naturally weak

To swing the pendulum in the other direction and strengthen our teeth we need to use a

fluoride tooth paste and brush twice daily. The night time brushing is the most important and

more time needs to be spent carefully brushing with a soft tooth brush

Following this simple maintenance of our teeth will greatly reduce the risk of decay; other

factors like snacking and flossing also need to be considered

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