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Excellent dentist, very gentle and patient. Amazing with children and adults. He took the time to explain us the treatments we needed, gave us tips how to keep healthy teeth and even taught us relaxation techniques. Highly recommend.

Ruth Hannah Sapir

Very professional, reasonable prices and a nice experience

Becca Greenberg

I have known Dr. Garalnick since he qualified as a dentist over 20 years ago in England. Because of his personal care, gentleness, diligence, professionalism and vast knowledge I will not go anywhere else. It is even worth me traveling from Jerusalem to have him as my dentist. He has carried out some very complex work to perfection. Prices are also very good.

Joel Mack

Dr. Garalnick is professional, patient, and gentle in his treatment. He makes his patients feel at ease, and thereby reduces the typical anxiety most people feel around dentists. He is very on time and reliable, we recommend him wholeheartedly.

Adina Landy

Dr Garalnick is a very professional dentist and moreover, he is very kind and gentle with his patients. My whole family only see Dr Garalnick due to his calm and caring manner. It really is an anxiety free experience!!! He is always on time and my family highly recommended him.

Brad Rubenstein

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